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Boston Post Dairy

Petite White Diamond 3 pack

Petite White Diamond 3 pack

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Pasteurized goat milk Camembert style cheese, bloomy rind, soft gooey center and is absolutely delicious drizzled with raw honey and baked!

 3 pack - average weight is 2 - 3 oz each piece
Petite White Diamond makes for a very easy appetizer. Bake it whole or cut into pieces and wrap in Phyllo or bread dough and bake for individual appetizers or  just serve on baguette slices. top it with jam and maple cinnamon pecans and bake for 15 minutes!  It has a very mild and creamy taste which makes it perfect for pairing with sweet and savory toppings. 

​Awards: Eastern States Big E competition: 2016 Bronze

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