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Boston Post Dairy

Vermont Cheddar 4 oz

Vermont Cheddar 4 oz

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Discover the essence of Vermont in every bite with our handcrafted cheddar cheeses. At Boston Post Dairy, we honor tradition while embracing innovation. Our small-batch approach ensures that each wheel of cheddar receives the utmost care and attention.

🧀 Cave Aged Line: Beyond our cheddar, our Cave Aged line takes cheese craftsmanship to new heights. These artisanal creations mature in our aging caves, where they absorb the essence of Vermont’s terroir. Made from cow’s milkgoat’s milk, or even a delightful blend of both, these cheeses evolve with the seasons. Explore our Eleven Brothers, Tres Bonne, Feta, Cownty Tales and Gisele.

🛒 Find Us: Visit our retail stores in Enosburg, or explore specialty cheese shops, gourmet food stores, natural food co-ops, and selected supermarkets across the country. Taste the legacy of Vermont—one bite at a time.

For more cheesy goodness, visit our website:  Boston Post🧀🌿

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