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Goat Milk Bath Soak

Goat Milk Bath Soak

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Luxurious Rose, Lavender Chamomile or Unscented Goat Milk Bath Soak 4 oz. relaxing bath spa. Oh the goodness of being pampered with a creamy Goats Milk Bath Soak! Goat's milk has been a prized beauty secret for centuries. It provides a natural source of lactic acid (alpha hydroxy acid), which is a rejuvenating natural exfoliator. It also boasts many vitamins and minerals to help support, balance and moisturize the skin. This soak is finely blended and dissolves instantly giving your skin the royal treatment!

*****Generally, baking soda baths are well-tolerated by most people. Do not take a baking soda bath if you: are pregnant or breastfeeding; have high blood pressure; have diabetes**
This bath soak does contain Baking Soda.***

Recommended Use: Add 1-4 tablespoons per bath.

Ingredients: Baking Soda, Atlantic Sea Salt, Goat Milk Powder, Lactose,

Rose: Ground Rose Petals, Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Lavender Chamomile: lavender and chamomile powder
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