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Cream Cheese (Cow's Milk)

Cream Cheese (Cow's Milk)

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Description: Indulge in the velvety goodness of our handcrafted cow’s milk cream cheese, lovingly crafted in the heart of Vermont. Each tub is a canvas for flavor, and we’ve curated three irresistible options:

  1. Plain Cream Cheese:
    • Pure simplicity meets creamy perfection. Our plain cream cheese is a blank slate, ready to elevate your morning bagel or afternoon snack. Spread it generously, savoring its lush texture and mild tanginess.
  2. Maple Cream Cheese:
    • Vermont’s iconic maple syrup dances harmoniously with our cream cheese. The result? A symphony of sweet and savory—a morning melody that whispers of cozy breakfasts and golden autumn leaves. Slather it on warm toast or over pancakes.
  3. Garlic Cream Cheese:
    • Bold, aromatic, and utterly irresistible. Our garlic-infused cream cheese adds a savory kick to your culinary creations. Imagine it swirled into mashed potatoes, slathered on a toasted baguette, or blended into a creamy pasta sauce.

🧀 Crafted with Care:

  • We source the freshest cow’s milk from our own on-site Vermont farm, ensuring that each tub embodies the essence of our region.
  • Our small-batch approach offers quality and flavor—no shortcuts, only love and dedication.

Whether you’re a purist, a maple enthusiast, or a garlic lover, our cream cheese invites you to savor the taste of Vermont. Elevate your spreads, elevate your moments! 🌿🧀

For more cheesy inspiration, visit our website: 🍽️👉

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