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Boston Post Dairy

Andy Dandy's Dog Biscuits

Andy Dandy's Dog Biscuits

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100% human grade ingredients. Made in Richmond, VT

Includes one dog biscuit.

recipes were developed beginning with simple, clean, and nutritious ingredients found in our family’s home kitchen. The philosophy behind our ingredients remains simple: if we wouldn’t eat it ourselves, we won’t put it into our treats. We also keep all of our products totally free from common canine allergens like wheat, corn, and soy, and low in sugar and dairy products. We don’t skimp on flavor, making sure to pack in as much good smelling and tasting deliciousness as we can, while staying thoughtful about using ingredients that offer health benefits for dogs. We choose quality ingredients like farm fresh eggs, real honey, all natural peanut butter, and Vermont maple extract, so you can feel good about what you give your furry pal.

The colors in our yogurt icing are 100% derived from plants and minerals. Think spinach for greens! Beets for pinks! Turmeric for yellows! Purple carrot for purples! Not only do natural tints feel good in your dog's tummy, but they produce beautiful colors in our yogurt icing that allow us to let our imaginations run free!

We bake our treats low and slow to crispy crunchy perfection so they last a long time without any added preservatives... that's if your pup will let them! Everything is fresh baked and handmade in our bakery in Richmond, Vermont, and we'd never dream of using artificial colors, animal by-products, or fillers. Only the very best for your very best canine friend.

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