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Our family run farm is Located in Enosburg Falls, Vermont across from the scenic Missisquoi River with a view of beautiful Jay Peak. Boston Post Dairy is named after the Old Boston Post Stagecoach road which runs straight through our farm property. The farm is owned and operated by Robert and Gisele Gervais and their four daughters Anne, Theresa, Susan and Annette.  Robert and Gisele along with their family of 15 children have been farming since 1962.  They bought the Boston Post Dairy with their four daughters in 2007 and have added a cheese making facility along with a small retail store where they sell their cheeses, goat milk soaps, maple syrup and bakery items which are all made here at the farm. The cheese room was made with viewing windows to allow visitors to watch the cheese making process.

Boston Post Dairy, LLC

2061 Sampsonville Road
Enosburg Falls, VT  05450

Phone: 802-933-2749
Fax:     802-933-8334

Monday - Friday: 9:00-5:00
Saturday: 10:00-4:00
Sunday: Closed

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Our farm is home to 180 dairy goats and 95 dairy cows. We currently make a variety of hard and soft Award winning Goat and Cow milk cheeses.  All of our cheeses are made with pasteurized milk.

Aged Goat Cheeses: 
Eleven Brothers  ACS 2013 Gold
Eastern States Big E  2011-Gold, 2012-silver, 2013-Gold, 2015 Gold

    Très Bonne ACS 2012 Bronze, 2013 Silver,     2014 Gold, 2016 Gold
    Eastern States Big E 2013-Gold, 2015 Gold
    ADGA 2014-bronze

    Smokin Goud ACS 2013 Silver, 2015             Bronze

    White Diamond - Camembert Style

    Aged Goat/Cow blended Cheeses:
    Gisele ACS 2015 Bronze, 2016 Silver
    Eastern States Big E 2014-Silver, 2015 Silver,

    Bon Père Eastern States Big E 2013-Gold,       2014-Gold, 2015-Bronze

    Aged Cow's Milk Cheeses:
    Cownty Tales
    Farmstead Cheddar


Fresh Cheeses:
Cheddar Cheese Curds

Fresh Chèvre available in 8 oz tubs or 5 lb containers which are great for Restaurants.
Our Flavors:   Plain, Garlic & Herb, Onion & Dill, Maple Cream and Hot Nanny. We also have Cranberry Harvest available from Oct-Jan.

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 Eleven brothers goat milk cheese wins Boston Post Dairy a gold medal at the American Cheese Competition!!Eleven Brothers

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